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QSP-7030 Free Standing Speed Pulley


Speed Pulley System

  • Bilateral / Double Pulley Handles are Standard
  • 150lb Stack in 10lb Increments 
  • 4:1 / 1:1 Ratio 
  • ( 2.5lb start weight using single handle or 10lb start weight using both pulleys)
  • Weight Stack Options from 75lb to 200lb Available
  • Modular - Add a Maximum of  5 Pulley Stations Together
  • Perform All of the Exercises of a Standard Pulley Plus Resistive/Explosive Gate and Static/Dynamic Movements.
  • Extreme Duty Rope and Pulleys for Flawless and Dependable Usage
Free Standing Standard Pulley

Standard Pulley System with Dual Pulleys

  • Bilateral / Double Pulley Handles are Standard
  • 75lb Weight Stacks in 5 lb Increments Standard
  • 2:1 / 1:1 Ratio 
  • (2.5lb start weight using single handle or 5lb start weight using both pulleys simultaneously)


  • Handrails
  • Shoulder Rotation Pad
  • Weight Stack Shroud
  • Adjustable Lat Pulldown
  • Lat Pulldown Option
    Some of the Exercises That Can Be Done
    Supine Chest Press
    Supine Fly
    Incline Fly
    Seated Shoulder Press
    Shoulder Extension
    Shoulder Flexion
    Internal/External Rotation
    Lateral Raise
    Rear Deltoid Row
    High/Mid/Low Row
    Arm Curl
    Triceps Extension
    Triceps Pushdown
    Triceps Kick Back
    Abdominal Crunch
    Hip Abduction
    Hip Adduction
    Hip Extension
    Hip Flexion
    Wrist Extension
    Wrist Flexion